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People come to your website to accomplish tasks. They want or need to do something. This means interacting with digital government services.

Somerville, New Jersey launched a new website, featuring their most common government services and reducing the number of PDFs.

ProudCity customers can hire Department of Civic Things to manage day-to-day website content. This includes updates, new pages, and more.

Local government consultant for city websites and government digital services, helping you serve your community better with content design.

The Pacific ADA Center launched a new website using the ProudCity platform. The site features guidance for website accessibility.

If your government website is like most, it has a lot of PDF documents. It’s expensive to make them accessible. And people don't like them.

Plain language helps governments convey complex information. Readers understand what they need quickly, with fewer questions and confusion.

When you make content accessible, you make it better for everyone. Learn how digital accessibility can improve your government website.

Make getting feedback from real people using your website part of your local government customer service strategy.

Effingham, IL (pop. 12,220) launched a new city website using the ProudCity platform. The site prioritizes the most common services and tasks.

Work with departments to develop a government content strategy for your new website that focuses on key programs and services.

Use a team agreement to create a foundation of trust, accountability, and collaboration. This is an essential tool for a productive team.

I’ve always been inspired by the open source nature of public sector work - sharing and learning from each other in ways that lift us all up. Read GovFresh's chat with Department of Civic Things founder, Rebecca Woodbury.

Explore the newly launched website of Marin Flood Control District. Discover enhanced valuable resources, and improved accessibility for the community.

Discover the guiding principles that drive the Department of Civic Things. Explore our commitment to openness, innovation, and service in local governance.

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Witness the transformation as Digital Marin its website. Explore improved user experiences, innovative features, and the commitment to digital excellence.

Santa Ana, California (pop. 332,610) launched a new city website using the ProudCity platform, featuring common government digital services.

How to create sustainable and effective community engagement for your government agency Written in collaboration with CitizenLab, part two of this series explores defining engagement and designing a sustainable and effective engagement strategy for your government agency. It covers the tactics you need to design a long-term engagement plan by defining the different types of...

A new website project ends with a launch, but your website is never done. When you get feedback, you should report out about what you did.

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