Meet the Department of Civic Things.

The challenge

Small, local government budgets and employees are stretched thin. They are often forced to be reactive rather than strategic in their service delivery. The Great Recession, coronavirus pandemic, and rising pension costs have made balancing a budget hard. The cuts typically result in decreased resident satisfaction and employee morale.

Asked to “do more with less,” public servants are wearing more hats than ever. They provide critical public services but often lack the tools and methods to provide good digital services.

This can lead to inefficient or inequitable services, frustration, and decreased public trust. Without trust, tax measures fail. Elected officials rotate through like a revolving door and satisfaction levels continue to drop.

The solution

What does the solution to these problems look like? Local government services are easy to use, both by the public and public servants. People can easily find them through an internet search or on government websites. They understand the information without a high level of education or training. They can complete forms and transactions without friction.

Employees are empowered to improve digital services and information over time. They don't need a lot of training to use the tools. They have the space, permission, and support to make improvements.

People have helpful and timely information so they can stay safe during emergencies. They know how to get the services they need. They don’t dread dealing with their local government. Instead, their experience of government services is good. They feel good that their tax dollars are well-spent. Budgets get easier to balance due to efficiency gains.

This results in increased levels of satisfaction with and trust in local government.

Who we serve

  • City and Town managers
  • Public information officers
  • IT managers
  • City clerks
  • Analysts

Outcomes & success

  • Increased satisfaction with government services
  • Helpful, timely information provided to the community
  • Modernized tech tools and support
  • Empowered employees
  • Increased trust and confidence in local government

Our logo

The logo for the Department of Civic Things is made up of three elements:

  • The circular shape is a tip of the hat to the seals of governments.
  • The laurel wreath symbolizes civic duty and prosperity.
  • The heart evokes the care and love we have for the communities we serve.
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