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Use this ai training tool to learn about government website accessibility laws and the criteria that applies to local governments.

Plain language is clear writing—it’s not “dumbing down.” It makes your content more accessible to everyone.

Learn to write better content with plain language training for local governments, presented by Department of Civic Things and ProudCity.

You don't need a big budget or a lot of staff to make a great website. We partner with ProudCity because small cities can easily afford them.

Learn about Somerville’s content design journey to a service-minded website with Department of Civic Things and Proud City.

Try our local government ai writing assistants and guide for website projects. Help people see what new development will really look like.

This guide will help you make the best local government website - one will increase public confidence and trust in government.

Illuminate your understanding of product management in local government with our Lightbulb episode. Gain insights, and bright ideas shaping civic services.

Dive into the 'Whereas Thing' at the Department of Civic Things. Explore the impact, and context of this initiative shaping the narrative of civic engagement.

Your website is the foundation of your government’s services and customer service. Learn how to run a successful government website project.

Delve into the staff report thing at Department of Civic Things. Explore insights, analysis, and updates on key projects shaping the future of civic services.

Use this ai writing assistant to build website content that helps people get the government services they need.

Unlock insights and guidance at the Department of Civic Things' guides section. Explore resources to navigate civic challenge, fostering for thriving community.

People interact with your government through forms. Learn how to understand the burden of the questions and find ways to save everyone time.

Find tools to help you write better government content. These ai writing assistants help with government websites, staff reports, and more.

It’s that time of year again - business license renewals. Here are some tips for helping business owners understand what you need them to do.

If you operate a business in the [City/Town of], you need to renew your business license every year. Renewals are due [date].

Our custom ChatGPT called Do a Gov Thing helps you write government services content that focuses on tasks and is easy to understand.

Here’s a generative AI prompt you can use to create draft content for your government services, actions, or tasks.

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