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What they do

A platform that makes it easy and cost-effective for local governments to launch and manage digital government operations, including:

  • Websites
  • Meetings
  • Online forms
  • Payments

Why we like them

ProudCity is committed to building software that is easy to use, accessible, and affordable. They are straightforward, transparent, and a joy to work with.

Most cities can easily afford them. The cost is often below formal bidding thresholds. This makes it easy, from a cost and procurement standpoint, for cities to level up their digital services in a big way.

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What they do

Constituent relationship management (CRM) software and AI search tools, including:

  • Forms
  • Workflows
  • Payments
  • AI Search and chat
  • AI powered phone and receptionist

Why we like them

Use this versatile software to automate and digitize your services. It’s a simple and elegant platform that makes it easy to design forms, set up approval workflows, and communicate with residents. You can also measure the effectiveness of your services.

Their AI search simplifies the experience of sifting through your agency’s complexity. Learn what people are asking about, how they frame their questions, and the results they’re getting. They also offer an AI receptionist that builds on this which can handle a wide variety of common questions on phone calls.

Streamline with Polimorphic

Bloom Works

What they do

Improve digital services and process with:

  • Website redesign and plain language guidance
  • Service and user experience design
  • Replacing or updating legacy tech systems

Why we like them

The team at Bloom Works is strong and experienced. They have a bench full of designers, engineers, content strategists, user researchers – with both government and private sector experience.

Their approach to the work is the right approach. They help you build the capacity you need to be successful when they are gone. They give you candid, strategic advice that’s tech-agnostic.

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What they do

Consulting, training, and facilitation for:

  • Community engagement
  • Strategic planning
  • Service design and evaluation
  • Training and capacity building

Why we like them

What good is great software if you don’t know how to get the most out of it? For governments to excel in the digital age, your workforce needs to develop new skills and plan for the future. They can help you establish and apply human-centered design principles for technology, processes, and programs.

CivicMakers helps your organization step up to new challenges and feel supported during times of change. They create organic and authentic spaces for learning and asking questions.

Learn and grow with CivicMakers

Hello Lamp Post

What they do

A 2-way mobile communication platform for:

  • Community engagement
  • Wayfinding
  • Public consultation
  • Education and cultural storytelling

Why we like them

Hello Lamp Post helps you turn the public space into a conversation. People can ask questions, report issues, learn about plans and projects, or give feedback. The platform is simple and accessible for a wide range of audiences to help lower the barriers to participation and reach more people.

One of your biggest assets as a local government is the right of way. Sidewalks, parks, benches, and yes - lamp posts. Most people in your community probably don’t use your website often, if at all. But they do use the benches in their neighborhood park and the sidewalks in downtown.

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What they do

Consulting services to help you build and develop a product culture in your organization, including:

  • Coaching
  • Advising and direct support
  • Fractional leadership

Why we like them

Every government service needs a product owner. But most governments do not have a culture or structure for product management. Most people in the public sector haven’t even heard of it.

Product management helps you design services that work. Perennial helps you define, design, test, and launch government services that get the outcomes you want.

Level up with Perennial

Go Vocal (formerly CitizenLab)

What they do

A civic engagement platform that helps you connect directly with your community, including:

  • Project information and updates
  • Surveys and polls
  • Community proposals
  • Participatory budgeting

Why we like them

This platform is world-class: governments of all sizes use it all over the world. Their software is modern, intuitive, and accessible. It helps you increase your reach, analyze data, and create insights.

And it’s not just software that you’re getting. You also get access to experts who can help you craft your questions and design your engagement experience.

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What they do

inCitu is an augmented reality startup with a mission to turn urban planning fights into conversations. They work with cities and planners to transform proposals into Augmented Reality experiences, easily accessible through a smartphone.

Why we like them

Helping people envision what new development will look like is always a challenge. What if you could see proposed buildings through your phone's camera?

This new kind of immersive experience meets people where they are on the street, no app download required. Letting people see proposed changes with their own eyes makes it easier to have more nuanced conversations about complex proposals.

See the future with InCitu

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