GPTs, government website guide, and seeing your future city through your phone camera

Posted on January 18, 2024

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Try our local government ai writing assistants and guide for website projects. New development happening in your city? Help people see what it will really look like.

GPTs for local government

We now offer several AI writing assistants to help you:

  • Build content for your services and tasks
  • Draft staff reports for public meetings
  • Write resolutions and proclamations

Our GPTs are live in OpenAI’s new GPT store, but it’s tricky to find ones specific for local government. You need to use the search and it doesn’t let you scroll through many results. Hopefully that experience improves! In the meantime, here’s ours:

Check out our GPTs

Beginner’s guide to managing a government website project

Are you or someone you care about planning a website project this year? We’ve got you covered. Our new guide covers the different phases of a website project, from budgeting to launch.

Do better than migrating old content to a nicer looking site. Learn how to put your services front and center, so people can find what they need and know how to get things done with your agency.

Read our website project guide

See the future of your city from the street corner

15 years ago, I got my start in local government by way of redevelopment and planning. I worked on large commercial projects and long range plans. Helping people envision what buildings would look like was always a challenge.

What if you could see proposed buildings through your phone’s camera?

inCitu is an augmented reality startup with a mission to turn urban planning fights into conversations. They work with city planners to transform proposals into Augmented Reality experiences, easily accessible through a smartphone.

This new kind of immersive experience meets people where they are on the street, no app download required. Letting people see proposed changes with their own eyes makes it easier to have more nuanced conversations about complex proposals.

This could be a game changer for your on site public notice boards!

Watch inCitu in action (video)


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