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Witness the transformation as Digital Marin its website. Explore improved user experiences, innovative features, and the commitment to digital excellence.

Santa Ana, California (pop. 332,610) launched a new city website using the ProudCity platform, featuring common government digital services.

How to create sustainable and effective community engagement for your government agency Written in collaboration with CitizenLab, part two of this series explores defining engagement and designing a sustainable and effective engagement strategy for your government agency. It covers the tactics you need to design a long-term engagement plan by defining the different types of...

A new website project ends with a launch, but your website is never done. When you get feedback, you should report out about what you did.

Written in collaboration with CitizenLab, part one of this series explores the steps you need to take to create sustainable and effective community engagement.

A empowered government product owner makes sure that a government service or program is effective and meets people’s needs.

In this CitizenLab webinar, Milzy Carrasco, Director of Community Engagement for Lancaster, PA and Rebecca Woodbury, who runs Department of Civic Things, discuss how local governments can combine online and offline community engagement to reach more people, build trust, and make more strategic and equitable decisions. From survey design to pop-up workshops, we discussed the...

Catch up on the latest in GovTech with ProudCity and the Department of Civic Things. Explore news, updates, and insights on the evolving landscape.

Explore ProudCity's journey in unbundling web tech services. Learn how partnerships reshape digital services, offering scalable and affordable solutions.

Join the new era of digital services with ProudCity's Partner Program. Explore affordable and scalable solutions empowering local governments for the future.

Department of Civic Things is a Certified ProudCity Service Partner. ProudCity makes it easy and cost-effective to build government websites.

Listen to our radio show on how local governments respond to the pandemic. Explore stories, strategies, and insights on navigating challenges during times.

The under-resourced nature of local government often leads to de-prioritization of workplace culture. At the same time, it adds pressure to increase efficiency. The “do more with less” mantra sounds like tired nails on a chalkboard to most public servants. Work culture is made up of several elements including: Purpose (this inspires and motivates us...

Join the mission to demystify digital services with a former local IT official. Explore insights, challenges, and opportunities for accessible and government.

Government Technology Magazine: Woodbury, the digital services chief who made a name for herself in local government, started her own company.

A collection of helpful documents, presentations, and the Civic Things Handbook.

Early in my career, my best friend was working as a social worker. She helped LGBTQ foster youth navigate trauma. She supported them in relationships with foster and birth parents, as well as other kids. At the end of the day, she had to document the happenings of the day, sometimes traumatic, into their case...

Explore groundbreaking civic ideas at the Department of Civic Things. Join us in shaping innovative solutions for a better community. Share your ideas.

A product owner makes sure a government service or program is effective and meets people's needs (if it's any good).

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