Service Thing

Start building government content that helps people get the services they need.


Most people visit your website to do things (get services, complete tasks). This AI writing assistant tool will build content you can use to create an action page for your website.


  1. Go to the chat
  2. Tell it about your service
  3. Get the results
  4. Tweak results until you are satisfied


Learn the details

Help it learn your rules and process:

  • Add links to web pages
  • Upload documents like handouts, brochures, and staff reports
  • Include relevant sections of your municipal code

Tweak results

With follow-up prompts, you can:

  • Ask it to rewrite certain sections or phrases
  • Add missing information

Explain the rules

If the service has a lot of rules, you may need supporting web pages with these details. Use these prompts:

  • Explain the rules using clear, plain language.
  • What criteria and conditions do people need to be aware of?
  • How do I know if I’m eligible?

Link to these pages in the Before you start section.

Review for accuracy

Don’t rely on it to write perfect and accurate content. Sometimes generative AI makes up information. Review it carefully with subject matter experts.

Format for web

You may need to adjust style and formatting. Use correct heading structure and sentence case.

Service Thing on a desktop computer


Help us make Service Thing better. Let us know how it worked for you.

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