Renew a business license (content template)

If you operate a business in the [City/Town of], you need to renew your business license every year. If you don’t have one yet, you can apply for a new business license. (Add link)

If you have a rental property, you need to [explain if they need to do this, something else, or nothing].

Need to know

  • Cost of renewal is based on your gross receipts. The minimum tax due is [amount].
  • Your license is valid for 1-year. Your renewal is due on [date] every year.
  • If you don’t renew your business license, you may be subject to fines.

Before you start

To renew, you’ll need:

  • SIC code
  • Tax Identification number (BOE number, SEIN, FEIN, or your social security number)
  • Annual gross receipts for work in the [city/town of], such as a Schedule C
  • Workers Compensation Insurance policy (if applicable)

Gross receipts

[Explain how to find their gross receipts, such as a Schedule C on their tax return. Let them know if and how they are required to show proof.]

How to calculate what you owe

[Explain how to calculate their tax, using examples. Make sure to explain common situations, such as an out of town business, a home business, or someone with a rental property. Let them know if there’s a minimum tax.]


[Use a numbered list to explain each steps, such as:

  1. Download the business license application form and complete the required fields. (Include a link to the form)
  2. Submit the form by email, mail, or in-person. (Provide instructions for each option)
  3. Pay by credit card, check, or cash. (Provide instructions for each option)

If there is an online application, explain quirks that commonly cause confusion or errors.

If the application is a PDF and requires a signature, let them know if you accept electronic signatures or if they need to sign it in ink.

If they can pay by credit card, tell them if there are any processing fees.]

What's next

You will get your renewal certificate by email. [Explain if they need to do anything with it, other than keep it in their files.]

You need to renew your license again in a year.

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