How to create an action page for a government service

Posted on November 22, 2023

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Website content is one of the first things someone interacts with when learning about your government service. It should be part of your local government customer service strategy.

A service helps someone do something and an action page is like digitally holding their hand through the process.

The information in your service inventory is a great starting point for developing your content.

Make an action page for each government service

At the top of the page, start with some brief intro text that describes what the service is. This can also include who it’s for and why the service exists.

After the introduction, use a structured format for each page that includes these headings:

  • Need to know
  • Before you start
  • Steps
  • What’s next
  • Get help

Need to know

This section is typically a short list of bullets about:

  • Cost
  • Deadlines
  • Processing times
  • Penalties

Before you start

This section includes information someone needs to know before they start the task. For example, they may need to:

  • Gather information they don’t know off the top of their head
  • Complete another task before this one
  • Read another page with more detailed information


Here is where you will list numbered steps about things like submitting an application or paying a fee. Make sure to include instructions so they know how to do each step.

What’s next

Set expectations by explaining what happens after they complete the task. This might include:

  • How long it will take until you contact them
  • If they need to renew in a year
  • What to do if something goes wrong

Get help

Always include how to ask questions or get help with the service. This typically includes an email and a phone number.

Link to related content

Some services require multiple action pages or other webpages, depending on the complexity. Make sure you link to related content or tools that support someone with accomplishing the task.

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