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Accessibility basics for government websites

Why accessibility matters 1 in 4 Americans are living with some type of disability. 4.6% are blind or have serious difficulty seeing. 5.9% are deaf or have serious difficulty hearing. 10.3% are living with a cognitive disability like dyslexia, attention deficit, or autism. About 1 in 12 men are colorblind. It’s the law. Section 508 … Continued

Plain language basics for government websites

Plain language helps you convey complex information. Your readers understand and get what they need quickly, with fewer questions and less confusion. Benefits of plain language: Helps people know what information means the first time they read it. Makes services easy to use. Is easier to translate into other languages. Reduces calls and emails with … Continued

Code California: openness makes things better

The book “The Open Organization” by Jim Whitehurst inspired me to embrace the idea of openness beyond the legal definition of transparency or simple collaboration, but as a tool for making government work better for people. Whitehurst talks about an “open everything culture” and that it’s not for everyone. To succeed in this culture, you … Continued

Mutual aid for government websites during a disaster

This story was originally published on ELGL in October 2017. It was co-written with Talia Smith. When a major disaster strikes a region, they need help in more ways than one. After an unprecedented number of wildfires recently broke out in neighboring counties to the north, our jurisdiction, the City of San Rafael, immediately sent our first … Continued

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