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Clear and approachable local election content for candidates

There’s a big election in November. While the news focuses on the presidential election, you most likely have local ballot measures and open seats on your City Council. Our communities are stronger when more people run for local office. But getting people interested in running for City Council can be hard. The process can feel … Continued

What local governments need to know about the new accessibility law

Local government agencies need to soon comply with a new federal web accessibility law. This means all government web content needs to be accessible to people with disabilities. Learn how this applies to your agency and what you can start doing to make sure you comply. What this applies to This law applies to more … Continued

How AI can help you stop wasting everyone’s time

Most people learn about your government services and programs online. They don’t typically start on your homepage – they start with a Google search. This now means, they start with Gemini. AI tools like ChatGPT, Gemini, and Perplexity are answering questions about your services. Are they getting them right? This depends on how good your … Continued

Plain language writing is a skill, and most governments don’t do it well

Information on your government website is the foundation of your customer service. If it’s easy to understand and accurate, you’ll save time and build trust. Government website projects typically focus on a new content management system and a new design. Content is often an afterthought. Departments are usually left on their own to manage the … Continued

Small cities deserve great websites too

You don’t need a big budget or a lot of staff to make a great website. When I started Department of Civic Things, I knew I wanted to work with small cities. About 85% of towns in America have fewer than 25,000 residents, and 76% have fewer than 5,000. With tiny budgets and few staff, … Continued

A beginner’s guide to managing a government website project

Your website is the foundation of your digital government services and customer service. A helpful website that works well will increase public confidence and trust in government. In this guide, we’ll help you make the best local government website. We’ll provide a comprehensive rundown of a City website project, including: Why it’s important How to … Continued

6 tips to make your government website project a success

Your website is the foundation of your government’s services and customer service. A good website makes it easy for people to get things done and this increases public trust in your organization. In this post, we’ll provide 6 tips for government website projects and why they are critical for your project’s success. 1. Help people … Continued

How to understand and calculate government form burden

Most people interact with your government through forms. Sometimes a form is short and simple. Some forms can feel long, complex, and stressful. A lot of time is spent filling out forms and processing them. The main reasons forms take a long time to complete are figuring out what questions are asking for and tracking … Continued

How to write business license renewal website content

It’s that time of year again – business license renewals. If your renewal cycle is based on the calendar year, you are probably sending out reminders to hundreds or thousands of business owners right now. There’s usually quite a bit of customer service involved in this program. Business owners often: Get confused about what they … Continued

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