Product management in local government (podcast)

Posted on February 4, 2021

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Originally published by Govlaunch in January 2021:

For small to medium-sized governments, resources and budgets are particularly strained and most feel they are understaffed to provide frontline services effectively. On top of this, governments are now navigating a pandemic, which has forced even more attention on the bottom line, the use of digital tools, accessibility, and more effective ways of engaging with the community.

On the Govlaunch podcast this week, we tap into a medium-sized city’s strategy of establishing a department that aims to support other departments in their delivery of services, use of technology, and engagement with the community – a structural shift that also reduced the city’s IT expenses and improved access to city services and support. Former Director Rebecca Woodbury shares some of the key elements of her department and how basic structural changes inspired a new way of thinking about service delivery and project management:

  1. Create a structure to support wider strategic goals
  2. Create and share resources
  3. Offer inclusive training opportunities
  4. Acknowledge there is competition in local government
  5. Do not overlook frontline staff

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