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How to write business license renewal website content

It’s that time of year again – business license renewals. If your renewal cycle is based on the calendar year, you are probably sending out reminders to hundreds or thousands of business owners right now. There’s usually quite a bit of customer service involved in this program. Business owners often: Get confused about what they … Continued

Try our custom ChatGPT to write government services content

We created a custom ChatGPT called Service Thing. It helps you write government services content that focuses on tasks and is easy to understand. Custom GPTs are currently only available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers. This will hopefully change in early 2024 and be open to everyone for free. Service Thing If you don’t have a … Continued

How to use AI to write content for a government service

Generative AI can create content based on patterns it has learned from existing data. A prompt for generative AI is a set of instructions that tells it what kind of content to create. This post explains the steps for preparing a generative AI prompt you can use to create draft government service content. An action … Continued

What is structured content (and why it’s important)

A government website often feels like a firehose of information. It’s overwhelming to read long paragraphs of text, especially on your phone. Content editors struggle to keep things up to date, especially when the same information appears on multiple pages. Structured content is a way to organize and present information in a way that makes … Continued

How to use generative AI to write government website content

Generative AI (gen AI) is a useful tool that can help you write draft content for your government website. At this point in time, you can’t completely trust it to write perfect and accurate content. But using it can save you time. There are several free gen AI tools available. The most common ones are … Continued

How to create an action page for a government service

Website content is one of the first things someone interacts with when learning about your government service. It should be part of your local government customer service strategy. A service helps someone do something and an action page is like digitally holding their hand through the process. The information in your service inventory is a … Continued

Why governments should get rid of PDF documents

If your government website is like most, it has a lot of PDF documents. They outline steps to a process, answer frequently asked questions, provide checklists, list requirements. They are very common and they are a problem. Most PDFs are not accessible The best way to make a PDF accessible is to do so from … Continued

What is plain language (and why you need to use it)

Plain language helps you convey complex information. Your readers understand and get what they need quickly, with fewer questions and less confusion. As a government, using plain language will help you improve your services, forms, and public information. Benefits of plain language: Helps people know what information means the first time they read it. Makes … Continued

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